we are the storm

The thunderstorm today was wild and completely wonderful. The sunset came in a thousand colours afterwards. I worked with a student today and we laughed and made plans for her future; it felt like all these paths were dancing in front of her and we were playing, moulding her options into shapes, because sometimes it … More we are the storm

points of light

I’ve been going to the hospital recently, to visit a friend. She went in twelve days ago with septic arthritis, a potentially-life threatening bacterial infection in her shoulder bone. Over the past two weeks she has had three operations: twice to wash out the infection and once to install a pic line that feeds antibiotics directly into … More points of light

Flash fiction: free

  The first day in my new world, I thought I was free. The streets of the city went so far, I couldn’t see their ends. The buildings were long-legged birds; it was wonderful to be underneath them. Sounds were true, not muffled through double-glazed glass. Taxis lurched and wailed, people stood whistling at the kerb, … More Flash fiction: free