Flash fiction: Pull me down


Gerta said, ‘If you’re to stay you must have the Lord in your heart.’

I thought, I’ll take the Lord, if it gives me a roof over my head and a place in bed with you. So I said, ‘I’ll take the Lord, gladly,’ and kissed her honey skin.

She said, ‘I’ve asked Preacher Bartel to baptize you on Sunday.’

So I said, ‘Right-oh,’ though I know the dark-hearted river will pull me down once I’m deep enough, and no Lord will save me. The water knows who I am. It won’t give me back once I’m in.

This is a 100-word story for the Friday Fictioneers, a lovely international writing group hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. This week’s photo comes courtesy of Rochelle. Click here to join the Fictioneers, and click here to read this week’s stories.

16 thoughts on “Flash fiction: Pull me down

    1. Thank you, Rochelle! Yes, I think she/he knows him/herself very well. Which makes me wonder what might happen in that river…

      Thank you very much for the photograph, too! I’ve used it now in a few of my writing workshops, mentioning the Fictioneers, and giving my young students the 100 word story challenge. Each one of their stories has been unique and chilling and strange and lovely. It’s a wonderful prompt.

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