Flash fiction: the marvels




We dance under the wires, fairy legs, fairy feet, can’t touch, won’t touch! Here we are, making our way through. They think the wire can keep us? We are the Folk; we are the ones with dreams and sight. We are the makers of wonder; we slide into the children at night.

Put up your wires, just try, we will still come.

You can’t end or break us; we are spun silver, we are riddle, we are gold.

In the morning, the children sit at their desks and under the drone of This and That, they draw the marvels we gave them last night.



I actually posted a different story for this prompt at first, but then wrote another one because the first one made me sad. I realised I get to do that—change my mind, change the ending. I am a writer! I choose Path B.

This is a 100-word story written for the Friday Fictioneers, an international writing community hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. The photo prompt comes from Madison Woods. If you’d like to join the Fictioneers this week, click here. To read this week’s stories, please click here.

I haven’t been here for a couple of weeks, and I am sorry to have missed two whole story cycles! It is lovely to be back.

Flash fiction: free



The first day in my new world, I thought I was free.

The streets of the city went so far, I couldn’t see their ends. The buildings were long-legged birds; it was wonderful to be underneath them. Sounds were true, not muffled through double-glazed glass. Taxis lurched and wailed, people stood whistling at the kerb, and couples bickered on street corners.

It was beautiful.

The first day, I made it half a block before I was stopped.

“Lord! Girl, put on some clothes!”

I looked down.

You’ll be naked when you arrive.

Another thing the witch hadn’t told me.

This is a 100-word story written for the Friday Fictioneers, an international online writing community, hosted by the lovely Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. The photo prompt comes courtesy of Marie Gail Stratford.

This particular story is a modified scene from my novel-in-progress. The photo fit so perfectly, the scene had to become this week’s story. In the novel, this scene is quite a bit longer. It was a very satisfying challenge to compact the moment into one hundred words.

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