More, always.


This week.

A man called Hamed died in Manus this week. A man with a family, a man who had done nothing wrong, who had sought help and safety from this country. Another preventable, devastating death predicted and foreseen by countless advocates for refugees. Completely heartbreaking.

The Australian Christian Lobby called for money to fill their ‘war chest’ this week—I repeat: their war chest—so they could fight against marriage equality. Is this a war? Who are they fighting? People from young to old, people in love, whole families—human beings with fundamental human rights. How cruel. How unnecessary. How baffling.

Nazis marched in Virginia this week. Nazis marched and people died and the President of the US did not call it terrorism, did not decry white supremacists, did not did not did not.

Two world leaders threatened nuclear war this week.

Here we are, on this planet, together. This is what we wake to.

There’s more. Of course there’s more. And as the ‘more’ piles in I am baffled, and so saddened, by the ease with which humanity slips into judgement, into fear, division and cruelty.

Some call it justice. Many believe they are in the right, that this division and inequality is necessary for a functional, steady and prosperous society, that this judgment is not unkind but required.

It is difficult to comprehend how that could be. If others are made to suffer, be treated unequally under the law, and to live in fear, how could that be?

I had to talk about all this with my children this week. They struggled to take it all in: the prejudice, the injustice, the inequality. I struggle too, some days, many days. All I can do is speak out for compassion and equality. Over and over—try to keep rising and speaking.

Equality. Compassion. We all deserve it. We all have a right to it, to receive it and to give it.

Compassion. Equality.

More, always. Please.



*image credit: Dove of Peace, 1949, by Pablo Picasso

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